Why Be a Volunteer

People choose to volunteer for different reasons...

  • develop skills and experience, stand out in today's tough job market, gain new skills, knowledge and experience which can enhance your CV, as well as gaining references and experience of being in a workplace
  • an opportunity to meet new people, make friends, socialise and be part of your community
  • give something back to your local community, or by supporting organisations who have helped you or your family along the way
  • follow your passion - this could be the environment, sport or looking after other people, whatever it is there will be a volunteering opportunity for you
  • help others, make a difference to the lives of others and help people less fortunate than you
  • give yourself a boost, feel personally valued and part of a team, build your self-confidence, have a better social life as well as improved job prospects
  • a chance to try something new and a break from a busy lifestyle

Have Fun!