Volunteering for Arts Services

What Can Volunteers Do?

There are many different roles a volunteer can take on. These include:

  • Working at a venue and helping with the ushering, selling food and drink and taking on numerous front of house duties. If you attend our arts venues you will see a loyal and skilled workforce ensuring that you are all comfortable and happy!
  • Running a festival including acting as a marshal, ensuring crowds are safe and generally being a wealth of information.
  • Taking on a extended role within an organisation including filling out application forms for funding, writing business plans and generally running an arts organisation and event.

So why put yourself through all of the above! Well volunteers tend to come in all shapes and sizes and ages too! The reasons why you might want to volunteer are numerous too. For many it's the chance to keep active, to do an activity for the greater good but to also pass on the knowledge and skills you may have such as project management. Volunteering always looks good on a CV and is a great way of getting paid employment. Find the right organisation or project and it will change your life.

Become a Volunteer

If you are interested in volunteering my advice would be to work out what your skills are, what you can offer, what you want to get out of it and then visit or make contact with that venue or group. Always ask if they have a volunteering policy, always be clear on your time commitment and be reliable and hard working and of course 'Enjoy it'!

Elaine Knight, Arts Director, Severn Arts
Telephone No: 01905 953837