Success Stories

Volunteering for Community Arts project

Chipp Shop Case Study

Hannah Elmes volunteered for Chipp Shop, which stands for Cultural and Heritage in Partnership with Personalisation, a scheme which aims to provide fun and creative activities for adults with learning and or physical disabilities and also people with dementia.

Hannah, who has a degree in Fine Arts and is also an artist, used her creative skills to encourage people with disabilities to express themselves through arts as well as learn new skills such as drama and writing.

What Hannah thought about the experience

Hannah said:

“I took part in this voluntary work as it allowed me to use my artistic skills in a new and very rewarding way, and also gain experience for my own future career options. I also wanted to help people with disabilities develop themselves, and give them an opportunity to learn something different. I also discovered that there were quite a few talented people attending the group!”

“Working with people with disabilities has had a positive impact on my confidence, and ability to communicate effectively and innovatively."

"This opportunity was extremely rewarding as I felt I became a positive encouragement in the people’s lives, and helped them build strengths, discover new passions and talents and make friends. It was a great experience to work with such lovely people."


If you are interested in volunteering in your community, visit the website for local opportunities or contact the Worcester Volunteer Centre on 01905 24741.