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Volunteering for Museums Service

Volunteers are a key asset to Worcestershire's museum and heritage sector, with more than two thirds of the workforce in the West Midlands being made up of volunteers. The time and skills invested by our volunteers is of huge value to our museums.

Museums Worcestershire offers huge variety for people to volunteer, being mutually beneficial to both the museum and the volunteer, with the age of volunteers ranging from 17 to 83.

More than 320,000 hours of unpaid work is contributed by more than 5,400 volunteers to the museums sector in the West Midlands, showing how important communities believe the sector to be.

The Council offers site specific support projects, volunteer recruitment support and training opportunities.

What volunteers do

There are three major workshop projects at the moment, all being run by volunteers, at the County Museum.

Ced Lewis, 83yr old volunteer wheelwright and model maker.

Ced Lewis, 83, along with his new 52 year old apprentice, Mark Clements are in the final stages of building a 2/3 scale model caravan. Ced was assisted in the early stages by local Gypsy lad AJ Bannister who went on to win the Diana award for services to the community.

Eric Jones is building a huge hexagonal bench for our visitors from steel with a hardwood seat assisted by Ken Webb. When Ken isn't helping Eric he's creating a digital archive of the museum's vehicle collection in minute detail.

Harry Bray makes Cider for the museum every year and demonstrates to the viewing public.

Blacksmith Tony Rice makes pokers which are sold in the museum shop and demonstrates to visitors as well as making specialist tools for use in museum workshops.

Beth Broadway and Diana Foster – holiday activity volunteers.

Other recent projects include Ron Dawson's restoration of an Austin J Forty pedal car and the complete rewire of the only complete Castle 3 motor car in the world.

Volunteers are an essential part of the smooth running of the workshops and the wider museum, and range in age from 17 to 83.


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